Contribution Guide

We would greatly appreciate your help in developing this body of knowledge to educate and assist folks that are new to administration of high performance computing resources. If you are interested in helping us out please read further to learn how you can contribute to this project.

Contributing improvements and new content

In order to contribute to this project fork this repository and make changes you think are helpful. When you are finished with your work, you can submit a pull reqeust to notify the project editors that you have proposed new changes or improvements to the current documentation. The project editors will then either suggest changes to improve the pull request or they may accept the pull request as written and pull in your changes into the hpc-syspros-basic repo.

All those who submit pull requests that are accepted into the hpc-syspros-basic repo will be recognized in our contributing authors section, and you may be asked to evaluate any further changes to the topics that you have in the past contributed to.

Additionally if you have any ideas on other topics that should be covered in this knowledge repository please send us a note or open an issue on github about what topic you think should be included. Remember to keep in mind the level of knowledge the audience we are targetting has, these topics should be at the basic level and not targeting advanced use cases or topics. Please see our Audience Section for guidelines.

Contributing towards Editing

In addition to needing help filling out the content of the various topics that are covered, we also need help with editing the content on these pages. We encourage you to send us a note if you have any interest in helping us edit the content currently in the repository. If you decide you would like to help with editing just explain in your note to us what specific domain interests you have in High Performance Computing and any strengths you have in subject matter knowledge.


While it is not a requirement to be a ACM SIGHPC SYSPROS member to contribute to this body of knowledge, we highly recommend you join us and take advantage of the benefits of becoming a member and helping to support our community. Please see our website for more details on how to join ACM SIGHPC SYSPROS Membership Information.