When writing documentation for hpc-syspros-basics you should keep in mind the intended audience for this documentation. This documentation is intended for:

  • General sysadmins that want to learn more about the technologies and concepts employed in the management of High Performance Computing resources and their infrastructure.
  • Graduate students that have little system administration experience but need to learn more to manage small desktop and closet clusters to further their research.
  • Folks that provide User Support for High Performance Computing researchers that are interested in learning more about how High Performance Computing resources are operated and managed.


In order for much of the documentation to make sense we encourage folks to have a basic knowledge of a few concepts in order to get the most out of our documentation.

  • General knowledge of Linux administration and POSIX concepts
  • Comfortable with using command line interfaces in Linux
  • Comfortable using Secure Shell (SSH) to connect to Linux servers
  • General knowledge of working with CentOS or other common Linux Operating systems